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Update for October 4, 2023


NASCOE has moved to the NASCOE APP for all official NASCOE communications. Please take the time to log into the NASCOE APP and activate your account to receive the latest NASCOE updates. The NASCOE APP is only available to members. If you need assistance, please reach out to your Area Publicity Chair, Logan McGhee, and/or Shelby Niskanen, President and we will be happy to help! There is information on the NASCOE website on how to access the NASCOE APP (https://nascoe.org/).

All members of WASCOE should have received an email from “no-reply@glueup.com,” the company that powers the app. Follow the instructions within the email to set up and activate your account. Instructions for activating your membership in the NASCOE APP can also be found below:

Scholarship Portal is Now Open!

The NASCOE Scholarship portal is now open for submissions. The NASCOE Scholarship Program is designed to help defray expenses of NASCOE members, children, grandchildren, and spouses.. Visit the NASCOE Awards & Scholarship page for more information and to apply. The deadline is January 15, 2024 at 11:59 pm ET.

New Membership Brochure

Are you looking for ways to promote and encourage membership in your office? Look no further. NASCOE has released an updated membership brochure! The brochure provides a wealth of information. NASCOE explains who they are and their purpose. You can read about the different committees and what they do for you! Recent Legislative accomplishments are included as well as future goals they are currently pursuing. Read about past accomplishments and member testimonials! As always, your Directors and Officers are available for your questions.

Update for August 24, 2023

2020-22 NASCOE Programs & Negotiations Responses

The Programs and Negotiations Committee works hard on your behalf. Recently, we have been negotiating a new process of how to share our submissions with WDC. As we move forward with our new digital platform, which manages our great submissions we receive from the field, we are excited to see this platform flourish. 

Our goal for this new platform is to allow for more efficient tracking between both, NASCOE and WDC staff, as well as more timely responses and resolutions. This newly designed platform should also allow for greater continuity with our submission items when we experience future leadership changes. 

Please click on the following link to read through the responses to items we negotiated, in person, with WDC this past May. You will notice negotiations from past years that were brought to the table again, as well as 2022. 

Thank you,
Christa Kraatz & Jennie Budahl
Programs & Negotiations Co-Chairs

On another note, you may have recently noticed Information Bulletin 10975 credited NASCOE with a software suggestion to add a link to the COC Digital Local Administrative Area (LAA) Boundary Locator. Your support of NASCOE and your suggestions help make improvements that benefit us on a daily basis!

2023-23 WASCOE Dues Receipts Have Been Sent

Everyone member who is has paid their dues for the 2023-24 WASCOE Fiscal Year have been emailed out by Jon Beam. If you haven’t received one and think you should have, please contact Jon. If you haven’t mailed your dues in, please take a moment and send them in.

Update for August 21, 2023

NASCOE Convention Delegates Report

NASCOE held their annual convention in College Station, Texas from August 2-5, 2023. WASCOE delegates to the convention were Shelby Niskanen and Chris Pannier. You can read their report below. Also, Kayla Mattson submitted her report on the Midwest Area Breakout Session held during the National Convention. Please read their report as well.

Update for July 27, 2023

FSA Administrator Letter to NASCOE President

Marcinda Kester, NASCOE President received the following letter from FSA Administrator Zach Ducheneaux, regarding the letter sent to Thomas J. Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, on September 2, 2022 regarding salary issues facing FSA county office employees.

WASCOE Membership Dues

Don’t forget to submit your dues for the 2023-24. You can submit the membership application and check to Jon Beam in the Outagamie Office or you can submit the FSA-444, memo, and membership application if you wish to enroll in a bi-weekly payroll deduction. Just scan it to Jon as well. Thank you!

Update for July 9, 2023

Amendment to NASCOE Constitution & Bylaws

NASCOE will be presenting an Amendment to the NASCOE Constitution and Bylaws to move and facilitate NASCOE’s updated Department of State filings and change of official business location at the annual convention in College Station, Texas next month. It is being recommended that the NASCOE Board of Directors approve the changes to the NASCOE Constitution and Bylaws. Additionally, the Board of Directors will be asked to approve the Plan of Merger and call for a subsequent meeting to vote on it. Please read the following attachments and if you have any comments, please contact Shelby Niskanen.

Update for July 8, 2023

The FY2022-23 Treasurer’s Report is available on the Board of Director’s page in the reports section.

Update for July 4, 2023

WASCOE FY2023-24 Has Begun!

Don’t forget about the early bird discount on your dues for the year. Receive a discount of $5 from the applicable dues which are based on your grade if you pay by July 31st! The applicable dues rates based by grade are located on the Membership Application.

If you wish to pay by check, download and complete the Membership Application and mail it with your check to Jon Beam. If you wish to pay with a bi-weekly deduction from your paycheck, please download and complete the Membership Application, FSA-444, and FSA-444 Memo and scan them to Jon Beam. Don’t forget to update your withholding if you recently changed grades.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact Jon Beam at bearsfan2003@gmail.com.

Update for May 14, 2023

Midwest Area Rally Report Available

Shelby Niskanen and Jon Beam were the delegates to the Midwest Area Rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan on April 28-29, 2023. Find out who the speakers were and what they had to say. Learn what is happening in NASCOE. They also attended the Michigan State Convention, which is also in their report. Check it out!

2023 Midwest Area Rally – Grand Rapids, Michigan (Shelby Niskanen & Jon Beam)

Update for March 22, 2023

Several Open Committee Chair Positions to Be Filled

WASCOE is looking for several people to lead our County Office Advocacy and Programs and Negotiations committees. The County Office Advocacy committee is a great opportunity to promote the value of our County Committees and County Office employees. The Programs and Negotiations committee is a perfect opportunity to hear ideas from your coworkers and their ideas on ways to improve our program implementation and software! You can contact any of our officers to learn more and discuss these positions.