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WASCOE is having a membership promotion that runs through June 30, 2024! Head over to our membership page to learn about the Cashapalooza promotion! Our goal is for current members to share their reasons why they support the association that works for you to provide benefits and improve your daily work environment, through software enhancements to benefits such as paid parental leave. If you are not currently a member, we encourage you to ask your coworkers why they support WASCOE and NASCOE! Together we can make our association stronger!

Please head over to the Convention & Events page to read the report that Jon and Chris wrote to recap the rally held in Freeport, Maine. It was a great time and they saw many friends and made new friends!

Now is the time to start planning for the 2024 NASCOE Convention in Davenport, Iowa from August 7-10, 2024! Head over to the 2024 NASCOE Convention page for information and registration! If you have never attended a NASCOE National Convention, members can win a $500 stipend to help them “Head to the Heartland” this August! Check out NASCOE’s 2024 Cash Club Contest on our Publicity page. The deadline to submit your essay is May 15, 2024!

Head over to our Benefits page to see a flyer with benefits available to our members. For more information contact Stephanie. Not a member? Reach out to an Officer or Director to become a member. WASCOE currently has a “Cashapalooza” promotion through June 30th. Check out the link above for information on this promotion.

The March 2024 WASCOE newsletter is now available. If you didn’t receive it in your email, you can download a copy from our Publicity page! There is important information regarding your 2024 WASCOE convention, 2024 Midwest Area Rally, vacant director and committee chair positions, and much more!

Are you looking for new ways to show your continued support of WASCOE/NASCOE? Check out the latest fashions available from our emblems provider, Emblems by Superior!

Emblems by Superior also have their “T-Shirt Mystery Box” available for $25 while supplies last!

As always, visit the NASCOE Store to find all your emblems needs!

If you are looking for information to discuss the benefits of becoming a NASCOE member with your coworkers, then head over to our Membership page to download the updated NASCOE Membership Brochure. The older edition is still available as it has lots of valuable information regarding past accomplishments of NASCOE and what benefits and equalities they have fought for and obtained for CO employees.

Anyone needing to update their dues withholding amount or wishing to enroll in payroll deduction, can now complete the process entirely digitally, including signing the applicable forms! Just download and complete the forms below and send to Jon Beam, our treasurer. As these are payroll forms, you can sent them to Jon at jon.beam@usda.gov.

Update for October 4, 2023


NASCOE has moved to the NASCOE APP for all official NASCOE communications. Please take the time to log into the NASCOE APP and activate your account to receive the latest NASCOE updates. The NASCOE APP is only available to members. If you need assistance, please reach out to your Area Publicity Chair, Logan McGhee, and/or Shelby Niskanen, President and we will be happy to help! There is information on the NASCOE website on how to access the NASCOE APP (https://nascoe.org/).

All members of WASCOE should have received an email from “no-reply@glueup.com,” the company that powers the app. Follow the instructions within the email to set up and activate your account. Instructions for activating your membership in the NASCOE APP can also be found below:

Update for August 24, 2023

2020-22 NASCOE Programs & Negotiations Responses

The Programs and Negotiations Committee works hard on your behalf. Recently, we have been negotiating a new process of how to share our submissions with WDC. As we move forward with our new digital platform, which manages our great submissions we receive from the field, we are excited to see this platform flourish. 

Our goal for this new platform is to allow for more efficient tracking between both, NASCOE and WDC staff, as well as more timely responses and resolutions. This newly designed platform should also allow for greater continuity with our submission items when we experience future leadership changes. 

Please click on the following link to read through the responses to items we negotiated, in person, with WDC this past May. You will notice negotiations from past years that were brought to the table again, as well as 2022. 

Thank you,
Christa Kraatz & Jennie Budahl
Programs & Negotiations Co-Chairs

On another note, you may have recently noticed Information Bulletin 10975 credited NASCOE with a software suggestion to add a link to the COC Digital Local Administrative Area (LAA) Boundary Locator. Your support of NASCOE and your suggestions help make improvements that benefit us on a daily basis!