Welcome to Wisconsin FSA News. You will find information directly relating to Wisconsin FSA such as communication between WASCOE and the State Committee/State Executive Director and topics not associated with other committees.

WASCOE Meeting with the State FSA Committee and SED

On February 27, 2023, your WASCOE Officers met with the State FSA Committee and Gene Schriefer, State Executive Director through a Teams meeting. Prior to the meeting, WASCOE provided a list of your questions, concerns, and thoughts. We discussed topics such as looking into adding a fifth District Director, State Office personnel teleworking schedules and returning to the State Office, the recent County Executive Director in Training vacancies, and training for County Office employees. Please read the following document for a recap of the meeting.

Shared Management Update Proposal

Last Autumn, Gene Schriefer, State Executive Director, contacted WASCOE regarding an update to the shared management configuration in Wisconsin proposed by the Wisconsin State FSA Committee. The Board of Directors met on November 21, 2022, and discussed the proposal. WASCOE responded to the State Executive Director.