Chair:  Lisa Backus

Jackson County


2021 Scholarship Recipients

Josh Bourget, $1,000, Father — Jake Bourget, CED Portage/Wood Counties
Sydney Cooley, $750, Mother – Joann Cooley, CED Richland County
Ryan Lund, $500, Mother – Judy Lund, PT Jefferson County

Congratulations to our scholarship recipient!


A Thank you from Josh Bourget

Thank you so much for the award!
Thank you!
Josh Bourget
Watch this thank you from Josh Bourget below:


A Thank You from Sydney Cooley

Hi my name is Sydney Cooley.
I received a scholarship from you. I’m sorry this is late, I’ve been crazy busy.
I just want to thank you for this amazing opportunity.


A Thank You from Ryan Lund

Thank you and the WASCOE Association for selecting me for this scholarship!
I am very grateful for this opportunity, and I’m thankful for the financial assistance!
I did change my major recently, and I plan to study Pharmacology.

Things to Remember

  • All Scholarship applications must be submitted online no later than January 15 using the official application on the NASCOE website.
  • Letters of recommendation and the most recent posted transcript shall be required to be submitted with the application no later than January 15. Applications submitted without these documents will be disqualified.
  • All members must be in good standing and have been a member for the previous five years, or if the member has less than five years of service, has been a member since they have started.  If you are unsure of your scholarship eligibility, please contact Evie Moore, Membership chair or Jon Beam, Treasurer.
  • This is just a highlight of a few of the key eligibility requirements.  Please contact me for additional information or if you have any questions about available scholarships or the process.


Previous Scholarship Recipients


Allison Lund, $1,500


Kirsten Oliver, $1,500
Andrea Edquist, $1,000
Alex Larson, $750
Mitchell Lutz, $500



Travis Oliver, $1,500
Savannah Caturia, $1,000
Ryan Williams, $750
Shelby Gilbertson, $500



Cailey Norgard, $1,500
Avery Spilde, $1,000



Allison Eibbey, $1,500
Abigail Williams, $1,000
Andrea Lutz, $750
Ethan Peplinski, $500



Nicole Preder, $1,500
Zakary Hackl, $1,000
Justin Peper, $750



NASCOE Awards & Scholarship Handbook


Scholarship Reports

2018-19 Scholarship Report
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