2023-2024 Officers

President:  Shelby Niskanen, Clark
Vice President:  Chris Gordon, Washington/Ozaukee
Secretary:  Shelly Daugs, Juneau
Treasurer:  Jon Beam, Outagamie

2023-2024 Directors

Area 1
Heather Kirkpatrick, St. Croix
Susan Schwebach, Dunn
Mallory Harrelle, Eau Claire

Area 2
Sheila Buchholtz, Richland
Sharon Baecker, La Crosse

Area 3
Jodie Groeschel, Outagamie
Stephanie McCarthy-Wondercheck, Fond du Lac
Brandi Bender, Fond du Lac

Area 4
Joelle Rosinsky, Oconto/Marinette
Stephanie Knutson, Portage

Area 5
Dawn Oliver, Green
Lori Edquist, Racine/Kenosha/Milwaukee

Click here for a PDF of our 2023-24 Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons.

Not sure which area your county is in?  Check out the WASCOE Area Map.

Interested in Becoming an Officer?

If you are interested in becoming an officer or director, please contact any of us!  We will be happy to talk with you about these positions! 

Officers are elected to a two-year term.  The President and Vice President shall not serve more than three consecutive terms in the same office.  One year transition terms are not counted towards the three consecutive term limit.  A recent change to the bylaws eliminates the term limits for the Secretary and Treasurer due to the nature of these positions. 

The President and Vice-President are elected in even-numbered years and the Secretary and Treasurer are elected in odd-numbered years.  Directors are elected to a three-year term.  No director shall be elected for more than two consecutive terms, unless there is a one year break between terms.

If you are interested in any committee that currently has a vacant chairperson, please contact our President, Shelby Niskanen.

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