NASCOE National Convention

Hello All,

As you know last Saturday we voted on whether to have the NASCOE Convention in 2020 as planned, postpone it to later in 2020, or cancel it altogether and move GA to host in 2022 as ID will host in 2021.  The call on Saturday went from noon to 2:00pm so it was a very long debate focusing on mainly liability and financial issues.  But also I think an interesting, unfortunate point was made that social distancing would have to be enforced.  That meant there would be no tours, no hospitality held by any state, group, or candidates.  There would be no meet and greet sessions and probably no Washington folk in attendance.  For those of you familiar with conventions, getting to experience the live perspective of our Washington counterparts and meeting FSA friends from states all across the US, makes the convention.  I thank all the directors and chairs that responded with their opinions and going with the majority of all the responses, Shelby and I as WI Delegates, voted to cancel the NASCOE Convention for 2020 and have GA host the convention in 2022.  In the end, the vote nationwide was 75 to 6 in favor of just that.  So, there will be no NASCOE Convention in 2020, an event that will be truly missed by many.  IN will host in 2021 and GA in 2022. 

 Again thank you to all the directors and chairs that responded with your opinions.  After the call I realized that was probably the last official action I will take as WASCOE president.  It has been an incredible experience representing WI FSA employees for the past 5 years.  I look back and I’m proud of the fact that as an organization we’ve been able to facilitate situations for the better and influence many decisions that have been made locally and nationally to benefit our employees.  I can’t help but think I wish I could have done more in some cases and I just hope that for those involved, you know I did absolutely everything I could to be fair and benefit you where earned.  With that, everyone can know you will be in good, caring hands with your next president.   Now that I’ve been here I believe one is willing to run to be a WASCOE officer because one thinks they care and can help WI FSA.  But after you’ve been here you really come to recognize the people, our members, and the passion everyone has for each other in FSA.  It becomes part of you and you realize you care more than you thought you ever would.  An experience you won’t forget and well worth your time.  Thank you.

Jake Bourget, WASCOE President


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