Chair: Marilyn Lentz, Manitowoc County

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The Cashapalooza Promotion!

Are you a current WASCOE member and passionate about WASCOE? Reach out to your coworkers who are not members and educate them on the benefits of becoming a member and supporting the association that works to provide you benefits and a better work environment!
Are you currently not a WASCOE member and have been wondering what WASCOE is all about? Ask your coworkers who are members why they support WASCOE.
Scroll down to access several brochures and informational flyers that inform you about the accomplishments of WASCOE and NASCOE that you can use to help educate yourself or others!
WASCOE will have two drawings, one for new members who join through June 30, 2024 and another for current members who refer and encourage others to become members. Each drawing will be for a $50 cash prize! WASCOE will hold additional drawings for every 10 new members that join during the promotion!

Please watch the following 3:30 minute video about NASCOE and supporting our employees.


WASCOE is an association consisting of dedicated employees just like you; employees who have the goal of making sure that FSA is a premier place to work!

NASCOE is the only association recognized by management to formally negotiate on your behalf.  For example, recent negotiation items included increasing pay grades for employees and making sure the performance rating process is uniformly applied to all.  The process to submit issues for consideration in the negotiation process is very simple and is a great conduit for improving the workplace.

A robust legislative program that employs one of the top consultants in Washington, DC to make sure FSA is recognized as the “can do” agency when it is time to administer farm programs, thus insuring a high level of accuracy at an economical cost to taxpayers.  More programs ensure a long career as you embark on your FSA journey.  NASCOE’s legislative agenda includes making sure that FSA employee benefits are maintained and improved so we are always vigilant in watching benefits legislation.

NASCOE offers other benefits ranging from retirement planning/products to scholarships for children of our members.  Also in the rare instance when an employee faces an adverse action by the agency (and I do mean rare but it is nice to know) NASCOE also provides one free hour with the NASCOE attorney to assist you in making the best decisions in those circumstances.  For more detailed information, please visit our benefits page.

NASCOE President, Marcinda Kester, invites you to join NASCOE/WASCOE. Please read her letter to all employees:

NASCOE President Welcome Letter
NASCOE Membership Flyer (2023)
NASCOE Booklet (Revised 8/25/2023)
NASCOE Booklet (Older edition)

How to become a member:

Membership Documents:

Membership documents are now available for you to complete and sign digitally! Both versions are located below. Just a reminder, as these are payroll documents, you can scan and email them to Jon Beam at using his email address. To digitally sign, download the digital signature versions, complete, and then sign.

Wet signature versions: Membership Application / FSA-444 / Withholding Amount Memo
Digital signature versions: Membership Application / FSA-444 / Withholding Amount Memo

Payroll Deduction

The easiest way to become a member and ensure you remain a member is to enroll in payroll deduction.  For a small bi-weekly deduction, you can enjoy all the benefits and have peace of mind that you are always current with your membership.  By enrolling in payroll deduction, you also ensure you get the $5 discount!  To enroll in payroll deduction, complete the Membership Application, the FSA-444, and Withholding Amount Memo, available above, and return them to our treasurer, Jon Beam, at the Outagamie County Office.

Check and Mail

If you wish to pay by check, complete the Membership Application, available above, and mail it with a check made out in the amount indicated by your current grade to our treasurer, Jon Beam, at the Outagamie County Office.  If mailed prior to July 31st, you can take a $5 deduction from the amount indicated! Associate memberships are always at the rate of $45 annually.

Please mail dues paid by check to:

Jon Beam, Treasurer
Outagamie County FSA Office
3369 W. Brewster St.
Appleton, WI 54914


Scan all documents and email them to:

Annual Membership Reports

2018-19 Membership Report (April 2019)
2017-18 Membership Report (April 2018)
2015-16 Membership Report (April 2016)
2015-16 Membership Report (October 2015)