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What is County Office Advocacy?

Many of you may have heard the term NAFEC, which stands for the National Association of Farmer Elected Committees. The NAFEC Committee name was changed to the County Office Advocacy Committee. The change of the NAFEC Committee name was approved by the Executive Committee at the Organizational Meeting in Savannah, Georgia in September.

The primary purpose of NAFEC is, and will always be, to promote and improve the farmer elected committee system for the local administration of farm programs. The coordinated effort gives us strength, and much more influence in Congress for the kind of farm programs America’s farmers, ranchers, and rural communities need in order to thrive. NAFEC promotes and improves the COC system by ensuring committee members understand their roles and responsibilities. Visit the NAFEC website to learn more.

According to Donny Green, COAC Committee Chairperson, “NASCOE’s leadership has decided to chart a different course to focus our mission on education, protection, promotion, and enhancement of county office roles and authorities. With this change in focus, comes a new mission. The mission of the COAC is as follows: To protect, enhance, and provide continual education for the farmer-elected committee and county office system for the betterment of NASCOE’s membership, county office FSA employees, and the agricultural communities we serve while working independently, but cooperatively, with the National Association of Farmer-Elected Committees (NAFEC).”

“Although the mission and focus of the committee has changed and is still evolving, NASCOE will continue to work with NAFEC to preserve the importance of the county committee (COC) system and promote the duties and responsibilities of the COAC and these will be incorporated in the NASCOE Duties and Responsibilities Handboook.”

Fact Sheets

NAFEC Fact Sheet
NAFEC Membership Application

County Office Advocacy Reports

2018-19 NAFEC Report (April 2019)
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