Chair:  Stephanie McCarthy-Wondercheck

Fond du Lac County


Check out the benefits below that are available to NASCOE members.
Additional information can be found on the NASCOE website and the websites of the benefit providers.

Do You Have an Idea for a Benefit?

As your benefits chair, I am always looking for new benefits that NASCOE members are interested in but may not be available through NASCOE at this time.   If you are interested in a new benefit let me know and I will see if we can put something together.


Sam’s Club Discount

Sam’s Club has not renewed our discount benefit.  Contact has been made, however, no resolution has been currently reached.

Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc.

Dillard Financial Services is the Exclusive Benefits provider for NASCOE and provides excellent retirement planning seminars and assistance that everyone should take advantage of regardless of the stage of their career.
Dillard Financial Solutions, Inc. Benefits Overview


 Working Advantage Employee Discount Program

One of the most popular benefits is membership to Working Advantage.  When a person signs up for Working advantage they need to use the NASCOE ID they to get substantial discounts on anything from movies to trips to Disney theme parks or Broadway shows.   You can obtain the NASCOE ID from your State benefits chair or President once they verify your membership.
Working Advantage Overview

AirMedCareGroup Discount

Members can also obtain a $10 discount for joining Air Med Care however those interested need to make sure this company covers the area where they live.

AirMedCare Contract


NASCOE is doing its best to provide benefits that appeal to all members.  One such benefit NASCOE is working on is an association discount with Costco.


Benefits Committee Reports

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