Annual WASCOE Convention Update

The WASCOE Directors, Officers, and Chairs had a call today and made it official that we are canceling the 2020 WASCOE Convention.  Many events are being pushed into the Fall and with the uncertainty of the limits and the willingness of people willing to gather for a convention like ours, we voted to cancel it altogether.  A concern is without the convention and the scholarship auction, we cannot fund the scholarships for the following year.  So, after discussion we voted to divert the raffle ticket money from the general fund to the scholarship fund for 2020 only.  So keep selling those tickets!!!!  It is important to keep our funding going!  The time and details regarding the drawing are to be determined.  From here we need to concentrate our efforts on hosting the 2021 MWA Rally in WI next March so I’m sure we will have a great convention in 2021!

On a personal note I must add that I am very sad to see the 2020 convention canceled as this was to be my last convention as WASCOE President.  This completes my WASCOE career for the past 31 years as a member and always active as an officer, a director, a chair, a legislative consultant, or something on that order!  What I’m trying to say is I had a lot of people to thank this year at convention time.  Way too many to list and I hope you know who you are.  Those of you that said, “Jake you can’t say that, soften it up, be more political!”  Yes, thank you, I needed that filter.  To all past and present officers, directors, and chairs, I really thank you guys, I consider you my friends!  It’s your commitment to WASCOE that continues to keep this a great organization, a successful organization, and an honest, respectful voice for all employees to management.  An avenue that can never be replaced by any individual, but we can be successful as a group and that is WASCOE.  It saddens me to think of the individuals in this state that are not members of WASCOE.  Who does not want to be a member of a group that every day of your career is looking out for your benefits and willing to go out on a limb to be sure you are treated with respect and to the letter of FSA procedure in any situation?  Who does that?  I’ll tell you who.  WASCOE does, I’ve experienced it, and I can testify to it, it’s true, be a member.

Thank you to all, I appreciate you!

Jake Bourget, WASCOE President